Opeongo Hills Nordic Ski Club

Trail Clearing Dates this Fall

Opeongo Nordic is managed entirely by volunteers… please chip in! We need more people to come out for trail clearing.

Meet at 10 am in the ski club’s yurt in the parking area. Please be on time. There are no trail signs up and it’s difficult to find your way around, much less find out where people are working on trails.

Help for an hour or for the day!

Trail Clearing Dates 2024
November 23 and 30, December 7, 2024

Bring: gloves, eye protection, ear protection, water, snacks plus handsaws, pruners and/or loppers. A backpack is helpful.

NOTE! In the fall, there are no trail map signs so please don’t get lost! Don’t go out if you’re not sure of how to get around.